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Our Approach

Evaluation & Implementation

The Be Earth Foundation has developed a logical and replicable approach to program evaluation and implementation. The process is defined in six individual steps. Throughout every stage of Be Earth Foundation’s evaluation and implementation process, it engages its strategic global partners to further expand the pace and professionalism of its activities..

Step One

Identification, Evaluation, & Development

Step Two

Global Expansion Campaign

Step Three

Capital Raising & Fundraising

Step Four

Program Implementation

Step Five

Impact Tracking

Step Six

Global Expansion


Be Earth is partnered with the global Investment Bank Morgan Stanley for all reporting, compliance and fundraising efforts for selected programs going global.

Be Earth has signed binding treaties with 12 counties and has ability to access Heads of State and the General Assembly of the United Nations through its consultative status. In addition to having access to the highest levels of government officials through its United Nations status, the Be Earth Foundation has vast global reach through its members, corporate, institutional, and collaboration partnerships. Our overall network gives Be Earth access to over 185 countries worldwide from on ground resources to top members of government and industry allowing us to make the most impact with our selected programs.

Gaiasoft is an internationally used suite of technological cloud-based and application solutions that bring transparency, accountability and reporting functionality to projects and initiatives. Clients include the UK Government, World Bank, United Nations and DFID where they help manage $11 Billion in foreign aid capital.

Be Earth has partnered with the International Coaching Federation Foundation which currently has over 150 nations worldwide to scale and implement our projects on the ground.