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Lawrence Bloom
Late Chairman Emeritus, Founder

Lawrence was a Co Founder of Dakia Global LLC, the ultimate holding company of a JV with the Universal Music Group which together are creating and building music themed hotels, districts and cities.

He was voted into the top 100 list of the world’s most inspiring people for the year 2019 by Ooom Magazine, and in 2017 was voted by SALT magazine as among the top 25 most Conscious Global Leaders. In 2016 Lawrence received an award at the UN from the Humanitarian Innovation Forum for Conscious Leadership.

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Greg Bowman
Deputy Secretary General, Founder

After a successful career as Founder and President of a solar company which implemented projects in seven nations Greg began the Opportunities Beyond Borders program which installed solar panels on schools in developing countries along with providing computers and teachers to educate the local population about technology growth. He then became the first Canadian member admitted to the PPAF, a United Nations organization designed to facilitate public-private partnerships for the purpose of advancing sustainability in developing countries.

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Robert Lavia
Deputy Secretary General, Founder

In 2015, Robert founded and became Chairman & CEO of Dakia Global Enterprise, focused on high-social impact investments and sustainable development. Current international projects under Dakia Global include U-Ventures, a holding company with the aim of investing in start-ups that serve the entertainment ecosystem.

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Nicholas Pilbrow
Secretary, Founder

Nicholas is a chartered accountant and member of the Institute of Taxation in England. He has many years of experience in venture capital and corporate finance & structure and has acted as Finance Director for a number of client companies. He spent four years in the United States, where he oversaw an investment program he had structured for investment by UK individuals into the US oil and gas industry.

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Bill Shipsey

Bill is a human rights activist, artist event promoter, producer and consultant, barrister, and the founder of Art for Amnesty, Amnesty International’s global artist engagement programme. As founder of Art for Amnesty, Shipsey has brought together a number of world-renowned artists for music, literary, visual art and other artist lead projects that benefit Amnesty.

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Nisaa Jetha

Nisaa Jetha is a global strategist, impact advisor, and trained solicitor with asset management experience across public and emerging markets. She has driven and curated global impact strategy, been responsible for shaping metric build-out of mid-cap private equity deals against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and separately launched initiatives inside UK Parliament, some within her personal capacity.

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Rob Gonda

Rob Gonda is the CEO of Dakia Digital, a company driving social impact at scale and set to disrupt music, hospitality, entertainment, and health industries. Rob started and sold five companies and has led three large digital transformations at privately held, PE-backed, and public fortune companies; among others at McDonald’s, where he was chief digital officer and during his leadership the company tripled their market cap.

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Ambassadors of


Maejor was born Brandon Green on July 23, 1988. Maejor graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2008. Immediately after graduation, he moved to Atlanta and joined Ne-Yo’s production team. Maejor released his first mixtape Upside Down, which features appearances from Keri Hilson, Trey Songz, Drake and T-Pain. He also lent his vocal and production skills on the official remix of Ciara’s “Ride”, with André 3000 and Ludacris.

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Be Earth has partnered with U-Ventures for advising and collaborating on global expansion projects. Those Advisors include:

Andrew Salter

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Bill Silva

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David Cohen

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Genesis Jones

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Harvey Goldsmith

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James Diener

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Ken Levitan

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Kevin Wall

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Peter Brightman

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Richie Sambora

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Simon Salter

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Trudy Green

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Sean Kidney

Sean is the CEO and Founder of the Climate Bond Initiative, an NGO focussed on mobilizing global capital to finance climate solutions. Projects include a green bond definitions and certification scheme with $34 trillion of assets represented on its Board and over 50 organizations involved. Sean advises corporations, financial institutions, and governments around the world on climate investing.

Jason Rakochy

Jason was Senior vice President of Canada’s largest energy company Suncor where he managed $32 Billion dollars of upstream projects, new technology growth and renewable energy projects. Jason recently left Suncor and is now Senior Vice President of Strategy and Growth at Hydro One, Canada’s second largest electric utility company.

Lt. Col. Joe Knott

Joe was one of President Obama’s White House Champions of Change and is the Director of Military Partnerships for the Compatible Lands Foundation. Under his direction, a first-of-its-kind partnership between US federal agencies, NGOs, academia, green investors, and industry leaders created the first Department of Defense’s forest carbon projects.

Mark Young

Mark Young is considered a marketing management and branding maverick for music artists, celebrities, and icons in the fields of entertainment, music, sports, and fashion. He has worked with such legendary acts as Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Russel Wilson, and many more as well as directed all global PR, philanthropic, and brand identities for Jennifer Lopez. He is also credited for launching the successful careers of Alicia Keys, Rhianna, and Maroon 5.

Chris Rockefeller Linstrom

Chris is a visionary in catalyzing regenerative and circular economies. Chris as founded and sits on the Board of some of the most advanced and progressive ventures in the shared economy space and is a Board Member of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Azeem Qureshi

Azeem founded Grosshopper Energy Corp. and transformed it from a small energy consulting company with $500 into one of North America’s largest vertically integrated solar companies with over $6.5 Billion in assets and projects under development in North America, South America, and Asia. Azeem also sits on the Canadian Nuclear Agency Board and has led local community initiatives in health care.

Alexander Field

Alex is currently a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and previously worked at UBS. Alex spearheaded Be Earth Foundation’s relationship with Morgan Stanley for all reporting, compliance, and fundraising. Alex is a Trustee of the Stephenson Foundation, a large family funded NGO who built one of the world’s leading Cancer Centers at Oklahoma University.